Sno Glo Session 3

5 Portraits of Christ

We must believe Jesus is the…

  1. Promised King
    1. that His coming was Prophesied and He fullfilled every prophecy
  2. Perfect God-Man
    1. fully God, yet fully man– tempted in every way but never sinned—Therefore he can advocate for you (represent you in God’s court)
  3. Sufficient Substitute
    1. that He can & did pay the price for your sin
  4. Risen Victor
    1. that He really did die & come back to life & that He is ALIVE today
  5. Returning Lord 
    1. He is coming back!– Do you believe there will be a judgement day?


Which of these 5 Portraits do you have the most trouble  believing? Why?

Who do you believe Jesus is?

How can Jesus uniquely give life to believers?

  • Because He is King, He is fully God & fully man, He paid the price for our sins, He conquered death & He’s coming back to take us to be with Him always… it is through Himself He gives us life
  • God cannot give us happiness or peace (life!) apart from himself—the wrong fuel only ruins a car

Sno Glo Session 4

How do REAL Disciples truly follow Jesus?

  1. They face the penetrating truth(s) of Jesus’ teaching

*Jesus’ teachings don’t wound—they expose/ poke the wound(s) you have

so you know you need help/healing—wounds left untreated just get worse


  1. They examine the clear cost of being a disciple of Jesus.

*Truly following Christ is not just giving a portion of your life—it’s giving everything; all       of you

-Will you deny yourself, take up your cross daily?

-Will you seek God’s guidance daily; hourly, minute-by-minute

-Are you too busy?

-Are you too lazy?

-Afraid to loose control? Give up dreams/plans?

-Afraid of what people will think?

*Have you counted the cost of NOT following Jesus?

-Where else will you go? To wells that are empty? (things that don’t satisfy)

-“You’re either for me or against me”

-Can’t stay neutral on a moving train


3. They embrace the full lifestyle of Jesus’ call

-represent Jesus to the rest of the world

-“You are no Christian unless you put Christ first..” Charles Spurgen

– Where do you find your identity? (Grades, friends, boy/girl etc..)

Real Disciples find their identity in Jesus; Jesus is their life


Hey Everybody! Check out this blog for encouragement, updates, and whatever pops up in between. My goal is to post devotions so you guys have something to ponder on days when we don’t meet together as a group. Hopefully you already are thumbing through a Bible on your own, but the more the merrier!

The internet is just like the world. There are plenty of great things to do on the internet, and plenty of wicked things, and some things that are just a waste of time. If we spend time online, I say let’s do it to God’s glory! Fight the good fight! Put on the full armor of God!

If we truly are redeemed Christians, we no longer belong to the world, we belong to Christ! We were purchased with His blood. (John 15:19Galatians 5:24)

If we are truly redeemed Christians, we are no longer slaves to sin, but slaves to righteousness. (Romans 6:18)

If we are REALLY redeemed, then we ought to show our faith, not just by what we say or think, but by what we DO. (James 2:18)

Are you redeemed?