Sno Glo Session 4

How do REAL Disciples truly follow Jesus?

  1. They face the penetrating truth(s) of Jesus’ teaching

*Jesus’ teachings don’t wound—they expose/ poke the wound(s) you have

so you know you need help/healing—wounds left untreated just get worse


  1. They examine the clear cost of being a disciple of Jesus.

*Truly following Christ is not just giving a portion of your life—it’s giving everything; all       of you

-Will you deny yourself, take up your cross daily?

-Will you seek God’s guidance daily; hourly, minute-by-minute

-Are you too busy?

-Are you too lazy?

-Afraid to loose control? Give up dreams/plans?

-Afraid of what people will think?

*Have you counted the cost of NOT following Jesus?

-Where else will you go? To wells that are empty? (things that don’t satisfy)

-“You’re either for me or against me”

-Can’t stay neutral on a moving train


3. They embrace the full lifestyle of Jesus’ call

-represent Jesus to the rest of the world

-“You are no Christian unless you put Christ first..” Charles Spurgen

– Where do you find your identity? (Grades, friends, boy/girl etc..)

Real Disciples find their identity in Jesus; Jesus is their life


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