Sno Glo Session 3

5 Portraits of Christ

We must believe Jesus is the…

  1. Promised King
    1. that His coming was Prophesied and He fullfilled every prophecy
  2. Perfect God-Man
    1. fully God, yet fully man– tempted in every way but never sinned—Therefore he can advocate for you (represent you in God’s court)
  3. Sufficient Substitute
    1. that He can & did pay the price for your sin
  4. Risen Victor
    1. that He really did die & come back to life & that He is ALIVE today
  5. Returning Lord 
    1. He is coming back!– Do you believe there will be a judgement day?


Which of these 5 Portraits do you have the most trouble  believing? Why?

Who do you believe Jesus is?

How can Jesus uniquely give life to believers?

  • Because He is King, He is fully God & fully man, He paid the price for our sins, He conquered death & He’s coming back to take us to be with Him always… it is through Himself He gives us life
  • God cannot give us happiness or peace (life!) apart from himself—the wrong fuel only ruins a car

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